Raison d’ĂȘtre

Pretentiousness aside, house rules must be established before any partying occurs.

This blog was set up so that more people can know about the “lifehacks” or simply put: tips and tricks that have been tried and tested by yours truly. I live in the Philippines, so most of these tips and tricks will be most relatable to those in the same locality of course.

If anyone can further expound upon what has been posted, then by all means, please enlighten this author with your experience! I value learning and take in as much information as I can to further my plans of world domination so that I may share it with the people around me.

The occasional disagreement will occur, whether it be me vowing against a certain product or service, or people might fight in the comments (though I doubt this blog will be visited enough for that to happen). Please remain civil and remember that this is a nurturing environment, so if anyone becomes impolite, I will lovingly kick your ass off of my space.

If I fail to credit IPs to their owner, please do contact me so that I can remove/give proper attribution.

This is a personal weblog, and views and opinions here stated are mine and mine alone – not of my employer, not of the local mayor. I can’t completely disqualify my mom though…