Funnily enough, fair weather didn’t say farewell on February 4. Last Saturday had cloudy skies, but thankfully, naught else.

The Museo Orlina was already teeming with tons of folks of all ages by the time we arrived. I, my sister, and her friend made our way down to the amphitheater after claiming our early bird tickets (Php 800 v.s. 1,000 for the regularly priced ones) at the information desk set up outside. We passed the resident collections of mystifying glass sculptures and different pieces (some put up for sale) by the participating artists. I wanted to stay a little bit longer in the gallery but I also wanted to get a good spot for the night so we couldn’t dwell on the pieces for more than a couple of minutes.

Music never fails to bring people together! The place was P A C K E D. No wonder – Tagaytay Art Beat 2 had a solid lineup. I have no idea regarding the situation on the VIP exclusive areas but the amphitheater was already brimming with eagerly waiting ears. Dante and Amigo had just finished playing, crwn was setting up as we squeezed our way into the crowd.

Some artists played early in the afternoon.  We missed Reese Lansangan, Conscious and the Goodness, Bullet Dumas, Rob & The Hitmen, and Banna Harbera since we got there a bit past 5.

Apartel, Autotelic, MotherBasss, Tandems ’91, Sud, and Tom’s Story gave the crowd a bangin’ good time. We got to see Farewell Fair Weather (see what I did there), thesunmanager, The Ransom Collective, Ninno, and Moonwlk.

crooning and the folks go swooning
Apartel onstage. They were a m a z i n g.

I inadvertently skipped a couple of sets while I was wandering around. She’s Only Sixteen, and Fools and Foes could be heard blasting through the museum walls, with people milling around, taking photos of artworks or admiring the view in the sharp but welcome cold of the night. From the sound of the cheers, the two performances I missed were awesome.

An area was set up for food merchants and portalets, thankfully far removed from the amphitheater. Canned beer was Php 100 apiece (a little steep for me), Php 150 for craft beer (not really sure since I just overheard the price), but there was a lot of yummy food.

who even is playing. idk!!!
Who even is playing? Why the grain? We may never know

Favorites? I have a handful. I won’t mention who, so y’all can visit the artists’ Spotify/YouTube profiles to see for yourselves. Seems like the indie music scene will live forever with all the talent that was showcased onstage at Tagaytay Art Beat 2!


1) Crappy photos of the night – I have yet to obtain my own proper camera (phones get drained too easily, and I had MAJOR camera envy at practically everyone surrounding me),

2) I have yet to obtain $$$ cash money $$$ so I can buy more than just stickers (artist Jess De Leon’s “M” was particularly enthralling),

3) We should have gone there earlier! The event officially opened at a little past 12 but the artists had played almost straight away, and

4) I should have scolded more people at the risk of looking unduly uptight. The place was littered with beer cans. Shame.

We had to go home at about 2 AM, even though Mayonnaise and Jensen and the Flips were up next. Our folks drove us up to that rolling-hilly part of Hollywood Subdivision in Tagaytay since they figured the fresh air would do them good (and it’d be hard to commute down at that hour). Others booked rooms in nearby hostels/hotels/inns. Remember that it’s important to stay the night especially if you’ve all been drinking. Sober up before operating heavy machinery!

Overall, we had a great experience – bands, beer, and the cool Tagaytay breeze made relishing the showcased contemporary works wondrous. Museo Orlina and DocDef Productions did an awesome job with that seemingly herculean task of managing Tagaytay Art Beat 2. Surely tiring but definitely uplifting, from the looks of it. In any case, Ramon Orlina made it clear that he’d be happy to have a Tagaytay Art Beat 3, so I’ll make sure I’ll be there.


P.S. If you want to see more of the sensuous, transfixing, and sublime sculptures by Ramon Orlina, you can visit Museo Orlina on a whim! Just make sure it’s not on a holiday or something. Bring your student ID so you can get a discount! I think they also honor PWD and Senior Citizen discounts, but you should visit their website for more information. If you have questions that need answering, feel free to comment below! 


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